The Arcane are the original inhabitants of Xsarra, and are one of two factions in The Unholy War, the other being the Teknos.


"§" Denotes that this character is playable in a demo of the game

  • Dark Angel: Humanoid character with wings. Can fire eye lasers, deliver a shockwave attack or place a crystal that heals him gradually.
  • §Brontu: Resembles a six-legged rhino. Can charge at high speed for a ram attack, roar a shockwave into the enemy, or place toxic gas clouds.
  • Ecton: Humanoid devil. Can place net traps, drain opponent's health to restore his own and whip a beam that damages and slows the enemy.
  • Fire Witch: Flying woman made of fire. Can place patches of fire, shoot fire balls and dive bomb the enemy. After the dive-bomb she needs a few seconds to get back up.
  • Mogalin Rider: Humanoid woman riding a bipedal monster known as a Mogalin. Only character with four moves; can fire a quick magic beam, switch places with opponent, use a weak tongue attack or swallow a power-up to deliver a homing belch attack when tongue attack is pressed again.
  • Magus Lizard: Humanoid lizard with mage clothes and a sword. Can swipe his sword, summon homing ravens, or summon meteors.
  • §Prana Devil: Demon creature resembling a scrawny lizard. Can bite opponent, fire spit balls and lay eggs that hatch into Prana chicks. There can only be 3 chicks in the arena at one time and they are easily slain.
  • Megaprana (Secret Character): more powerful version of the Prana Devil. Has the same moves, but are all more powerful and can jump much higher too.
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