Brontu cutscene


Brontu is a six-legged rhino of the Arcane. Brontu is a peaceful creature seen roaming the plains, and is generally a calm creature. The war has made it defensive of it's home, and fights along the Arcane.


Brontu in-game

Base InformationEdit

"An almost unstoppable force whose courage is matched only by the size of its heart." - Brontu In-game Help Page. Brontu are generally powerful, and are capable of taking the most attacks.


Brontu, like all characters, uses X to jump, and the other 3  buttons take up attacks. 

  1. Square: Roar. "Sonic blast cone does 15 damage"
  2. Triangle: Charge. "Hold to ram enemy for 25 damage"
  3. Circle: Gas. "Lingering stench cloud corrodes enemy"


The brontu are grey with a large horn that takes up a large section of their face, and six short legs. Their eyes and tail are small, taking little space up.


  • The brontu appear to be herbivores, as they are seen grazing in the intro.
  • The body of a brontu is almost pill-bug like. Suggesting either they are part insect, could roll into a ball instead of charge at some point, or the sections are seperated purposefully.
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