Dark angel cutscene

Dark Angel in the opening cutscene.

Dark Angel is one of the Arcane, he is a humanoid character part of a whole race which was forged from experiments in attempt to create the perfect beings.


Dark Angel in-game

Base InformationEdit

"Aloof and mysterious, the Angels fight when necessary, then vanish to their high abodes." - Dark Angel In-game Help Page. Angel ties in the story as well. The long uneasy peace of the two races was broken after a rouge Quicksilver and a rouge dark angel ran off together. The couple was captured, but never had a child. This led the two sides to fight once again.

Controls Edit

Dark Angel, like all characters, uses X to jump, and the other 3  buttons take up attacks. 

  1. Square: Eyebeams. "Bursts lance out for 5 damage"
  2. Triangle: Shockwave. "Force does 20 damage (Ground)"
  3. Circle: Obelisk. "Emits rays which give 3 life" (A turret is placed that fires a short healing beam every few seconds. Only one may exiest at a time.)


The Dark Angels are almost identical to humans, if not for their wings, grey skin black eyes. Each Angel wears plated armour, bandages, wristcufffs and helmets. It is unknown if they have hair or not. Also, Angels are depicited with large staffs, which are used in some attacks.


  • The Dark Angels were partly responsible for the continuation of the unholy war.
  • It is never said who ran the experiment that made the Dark Angels. 
  • The Angels ars said to be human, suggesting that humans may have existed on Xsarra at some point.
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