Ecton cutscene


Ecton is a humanoid devil from the Arcane. The species is generally disliked by the Arcane, but ally them due to the circumstances of the war.


Ecton in-game

Base InformationEdit

"An undead slavemaster who feeds on the souls of the living as well as the dead.." - Ecton In-game Help Page. The Ecton are a dead race who drain the souls of any living thing they desire.

Controls Edit

The Ectons, like all characters, uses X to jump, and the other 3  buttons take up attacks. 

  1. Square: Whip. "Minion does 10 damage, slows enemy"
  2. Triangle: Wail. "Devours enemies life, feeding Ecton"
  3. Circle: Trap. "Hidden net ensnares the unwary"


The Ecton appear as dead, devil-like creatures. Their head is skull like, contains a green gem, and has two devilish horns. Their ribs jut out in a horrific fashion. They appear skinny, or decayed.


  • The Ecton may have appeared different before they began praticing magic, as they appear deformed and decayed. possibly due to their need for souls.
  • There are some strange connections to Ecton and Magus. First, the info for Ecton's attack whip says "Minion does 10 damage, slows enemy." The fact that the shots are fired from the whip may suggest that the shots are living, much like Magus's Ravens. Magus's Ravens are also refered to as deathspirits, a odd name for such an honorable creature. Finally, the appearance of the Ecton resembles a decayed Magus. This suggests that the Ecton may be Magus, but instead turned to dark magic and power, rather than the Magus's choice of knowledge and a less horrific magic style.
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