Fire Witch is a flying woman made of fire from the Arcane. The Fire Witch reside on Volcanoes, and are known for their slam attack.

Fire Witch in-game.

Base InformationEdit

"Half woman, half flame, this vengeful creature leaves nothing but an inferno in her wake." - Fire Witch In-game Help Page. Fire Witch is a arcane, and is one of their only flying creatures. Fire witch is unique to other flying characters, as she can charge AUR in the air.


Fire Witch, like all characters, uses X to jump, and the other 3 buttons take up attacks. 

  1. Square: Napalm. "Flaming goo burns for 10 damage"
  2. Triangle: Slam. "Damage highest at ground zero (Air)"
  3. Circle: Firewall. "Incendiary barrier (Ground)"


Fire Witch appears as a unclothed, flaming female. She is tall, and flames continuously flow over her.


  • Fire Witch's in game help page describes her as a "Vengeful creature". It is never described as to why she is vengeful, although this may be pointing to the fact that other Fire Witches deaths in the war may have caused her to be vengeful of them.
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