Magus cutscene

Magus in the opening sequence

 Magus Lizards are humanoid Arcane lizards with mage clothes and swords. The Magus are one of the oldest races on the planet Xsarra, and have since foretold of it's destruction.

Magus moschops

Magus in-game

Base informationEdit

"Ancient natives of Xsarra, these sorcerers command primeval magics. They say the world will soon end."- Magus Lizard In-game Help Page. The magus were one of the most powerful races of Xsarra. However, the curiosity and need for knowledge led to their downfall, and very few remain roaming the ruins and plains of the the war-torn planet. The magus were honerable and intelligent, seeing knowledge over gold and riches.


The Magus, like all characters, uses X to jump, and the other 3  buttons take up attacks. 

  1. Square: Sword. "Obsidian blade inflicts 15 damage."
  2. Triangle: Raven. "Homing deathspirit inflicts 10 damage."
  3. Circle: Starfall. "Given time, the sky will rain doom." (Hold Circle without interuption for a few seconds, and meteors rain on the enemy.)


The magus are seen wearing a gold/ brown flowing garb with a green gem in the center. Along with golden gauntlets, and seen always holding their obsidian sword. Their skin is reptilian, and green. Two small fangs jut out of their lower jaw. However, in the intro sequence, the magus have a few differences.

The head is seen to have frills on top in the intro. Also, the body of the magus appears more human like, and taller than the in game appearance. 

The unholy war image2

Magus's victory taunt.


  • The magus makes hand motions with his sword when conjuring deathspirits, and summoning starfall. This may suggest that the sword acts as a vessel for his spells. Much like a wand or a staff of sorts.
  • The magus's sword is said to be obsidian, but appears metal in-game. Strangely, the sword is shown in the opening sequence to not only be more obsidian like, but also has un-even edges.
  • Despite the magus's area being named "ancient ruins", only one structure of any sort appears, and shows no sign of deterioration.
  • Their are some strange connections to Ecton and Magus. First, the info for Ecton's attack whip says "Minion does 10 damage, slows enemy" The fact that the shots are fired from the whip may suggest that the shots are living, much like Magus's Ravens. Magus's Ravens are also refered to as deathspirits, a odd name for such an honerable creature. Finally, the appearance of the Ecton resembles a decayed Magus. This may suggest that the Ecton may be Magus, but they instead turned to dark magic and power, rather than the Magus's choice of knowledge and a less horrific magic style.
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