Megaprana is a relative and commonly described 'upgrade' of the Prana Devil from the Arcane side. It is like the Prana in every way, but stronger and has higher endurance, It has to be unlocked.




Base InformationEdit

Megaprana, the relative of the voracious Prana Devil, which can be unlocked after completing the Arcane campaign on hard difficulty. It is, to put it vaguely, an 'upgraded version' of the Prana Devil.


The Megaprana has the same moveset as Prana Devil, like all characters, uses X to jump, and the other 3 buttons take up attacks. 

  1. Square: Spit. "Acid globs each do 2 damage"( Higher range)
  2. Triangle: Bite. "Prolonged bite damages enemy" (Megaprana leaps a long distance towards opponent. If contact is made, Megaprana latches on and bites his opponent. Faster button mashing prolongs bite time, or shortens it depending on what end of the bite you may be on.)
  3. Circle: Egg. "Hatched Prana chicken-baby attacks enemy" "A faster and stronger baby prana."


The Megaprana is a Prana devil, instead coloured green and noticeably bigger. Also, they have red eyes, bigger claws and teeth.


  • Megaprana, along with Betarazor, are insanely overpowered, and are capable of wiping out a large number of the opponent's team.
  • Megapranas only appear after the Unholy War comes to a close. This may show they were hiding away from the battle, or is may just be a coincidence.
  • The Megaprana is capable of leaping high enough to grab some flying characters by leaping to his highest point, then using bite to hone in on the opponent.
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