Mogalin Rider in-game

Mogalin Riders
are humanoid Arcane women who ride a bipedal monster known as a Mogalin. They are the only character with four moves. (Although one move requires a special set-up.)

Base InformationEdit

"Noble warrior-maidens who bond at birth to their faithful Mogalin mounts."- Mogalin Rider In-game Help Page. The Mogalin Riders are natives of Xsarra, and are dependent on their rides, the Mogalin. The exact species of the rider is unknown, but they appear human.


The Mogalin Rider is unique in the fact that is has 4 attacks, but one requires an item.

  1. Square: Sparkler. "Mystic jolt for 10 damage."
  2. Triangle: Tounge. "5 damage-powerup indigestion." (Using Tounge on a power-up causes it to be eaten. Pressing triangle again fires a green ball that behaves like Magus's ravens, but is faster and lasts longer.)
  3. Circle: Exchange. "The old switcheroonie." (Trade locations with your opponent. Useful to grab power-ups, of to drop them on hazards.)


The Mogalin Rider is a female wearing a headress and a skimpy outfit. She wields a wand that is used for basic attacks. The Mogalin appears bulky, large with small limbs. It has no arms, bulbus eyes, and a strange purple hole in it's head.


  • The Mogalin appears to look like a bloated Prana Devil.
  • Mogalin is the only character to have four attacks.
  •  The early bond between the mogalin and the rider isn't unlike the creature bond in Avatar.
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