Prana devil cutscene

Prana Devil in the opening cutscene

Prana Devils are demon creatures resembling scrawny lizards who hail from ArcaneThe Prana Devils spawn in the deepest of caverns, venturing out only for food. The Magus Lizards claim that before humans came to Xsarra, the Magi accidentally released the Prana Devils from an underground tomb, and that the slavering beasts almost overran the world before effective spells were found to keep them at bay.

Base InformationEdit


Prana Devil in-game

"A frantic, ravenous beast that desires only to eat, excrete, breed and speed." - Prana Devil In-game Help Page.

Prana Devils are weak but hard hitting creatures. They are known in tatics for their ability to breed for cheap.

"The Prana Devils are scavengers who devour all life in any area they inhabit, be it the smallest animal or the largest tree. The Pranas act in unison as though they were all following some sort of inborn program to scour the surface of Xsarra clean of all living things." - The Observer  


The Prana Devil, like all characters, uses X to jump, and the other 3 buttons take up attacks. 

  1. Square: Spit. "Acid globs each do 2 damage"
  2. Triangle: Bite. "Prolonged bite damages enemy" (Prana leaps a short distance towards opponent. If contact is made, Prana latches on and bites his opponent. Faster button mashing prolongs bite time, or shortens it depending on what end of the bite you may be on.)
  3. Circle: Egg. "Hatched Prana chicken-baby attacks enemy"


The Prana Devil looks like a scrawny, bipedal fish creature. Its limbs are scrawny, but long. its mouth takes up a large portion of its face, and it's known for its biting attack.


  • Prana Devils were said by the Magus to be incredably dangerous. The Prana would have eaten the planet had it not been for the Magus's spells. This is noticeable in tatics, as they are used to breed into masive numbers.
  • Pranas are known to eat plants, as the observer states they ate the trees of Xsarra.
  • In the opening cutscene, a Mantis is seen picking up and killing a Prana. Comparing the sizes shows that one of these creatures sizes differs in the actual gameplay. The prana however, may be a hatchling.
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