The Teknos are cybernetic conquerors who want the the planet Xsarra's resources for themselves, and are one of two factions in The Unholy War, the other being the Arcane.


"§" Denotes that this character is playable in a demo of the game

  • Jaeger: Tank-like droid fitted with arms. Can shoot homing missiles, fire a powerful laser or deliver a heavy punch.
  • §Killcycle: Humanoid cybernetically attached to a flying jetcycle. Can fire plasma blasts, drop bombs, or sacrifice its life to deliver heavy damage.
  • Mantis: Mechanical insectoid robot. Can lay suction-vortices, crush the enemy with his mandibles or launch homing techno-tics that take health from opponent back to Mantis.
  • Quicksilver: Humanoid woman similar to the T-1000. Can fire orbs, deliver a slice attack, or use shield that can protect against any attack and reflect projectiles.
  • Tesla Lord: Humanoid carrying electricity conducting staff and backpack. Can teleport to a random spot, fire a shock beam or plant a crystal that shoots lightning balls.
  • §Razorfane: Human brain in a mechanical body with circular saws and spikes. Can fire ripsaws, place bladewalls (saw-barriers) or spin on the spot for a close range attack.
  • Wasp: Cyborg woman outfitted with hovering wings and blaster. Can hover, freeze enemies, drain their health (giving it to her) and fire a gun.
  • BetaRazor (Secret character): Razorfane with twice the health, bigger energy meter, thrusters, fires energy blade circular saws, razorfane's spin-on-the-spot and energy field slam attack similar to Fire Witch's (but without the slow recovery).

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